February 10, 2011

tiny wonders { smallest homes } dai haifei / gary chang


{ hatching a home }

a Dai Haifei creation

the egg-shaped mobile home is 6 feet high.
it can move about on its two wheels.
it's made from basket woven bamboo strips, wood chippings.
it has 1 lamp inside - power from a solar panel.
dai haifei, who works in an architectural firm,
lived in it for 2 months.

it was parked on the sidewalk near his workplace.

{ 24 rooms in 330 sq ft }

hong kong architect gary chang designed this
its just 330 sq ft / 32 sq m
using sliding walls and foldaway furniture,
24 rooms can  be created in
chang's "domestic transfomer'

more here, here

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