February 27, 2011

paper art 2: ariana boussard-reifel / ferry staverman / paper donut


gorgeous paper art by
* ariana boussard-reifel
* ferry staverman
* paper donut

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{ book art that speaks volumes }

Between the Lines by Ariana Boussard-Reifel

Between the Lines,
photos from Speaking Volumes, Transforming Hate

The book is a white supremist bible describing the necessity of racial segregation. Artist Ariana Boussard-Reifel makes a plea for unification by cutting out every word from the book with an x-acto knife. It took her one year to finish Between the Lines. She says:
"Beneath the surface of this simple piece are layers of meaning. Superficially it is a cheaply printed paperback with the words removed. But with the additional knowledge that this book is a white supremacist bible and the words viciously and exactly describe the necessity of racial segregation, it becomes a quite plea for unification.
I essentially removed all of the black ink, left the white pages perfectly intact and consequently rendered the book meaningless. The resulting piece speaks to the need for contrast and diversity."
Between the Lines was created for the art project "Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate". It came about in 2003 when the Montana Human Rights Network received 4,000 volumes of hate literature from a disillusioned member of the the white supremist group, World Church of the Creator. Artists across the United States were invited to do something good with the books. The works of 60 artists celebrating diversity were displayed at the exhibition, which travelled for two and a half years in Montana from 2008. You can read about Speaking Volumes here and here. A few of the other works exhibited:

Superior by Lei Curtis
Take Heed and Tremble by Ryan Sarah Murphy
photos from Speaking Volumes, Transforming Hate

{ paper sculpture }

space odyssey by ferry staverman

interior-outside by ferry staverman
you can see more of Dutch artist Ferry Staverman's works at her website.

{ paper product art }

curious breakfast
by french design collective paper donut

These are some works created using paper from paper company Arjowiggins for its Curious Story campaign to showcase its products. There are some lovely works at the Curious Story site.

found at design milk

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