February 16, 2011

Pretty in Pink : Knit Motorcycle by Theresa Honeywell


This is the most amazing pink thing i've seen this week

everything nice (knit motorcycle) by theresa honeywell
a full-size pink cozy for a motorcycle. isn't it cool? the artist theresa honeywell puts a lovely feminine touch to a super macho symbol with her knitwork. i would love to see a maserati or some italian sports car dressed in a pink knitted cozy. heheh. a couple close-up views of the bike:

everything nice

everything nice

here's another manly thing that theresa's feminised

tool belt cozy by theresa honeywell

the artist, a washington dc native, also makes amazing lace tattoos

Wink 9 by theresa honeywell
mom tattoo by theresa honeywell

she creates her lace tattoos using vintage tattoo imagery as a base.
* her tools: needle and thread.
* her method: sewing layers on layers in a circular, web-like pattern.
* time taken: each piece takes about 2 weeks to make.
"I am rendering a typically macho icon into something more delicate and softer by utilizing traditional materials." 
- theresa honeywell

all photos from theresa honeywell
her knit motorcycle etsy shop

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