March 29, 2011

Mehmet Ozgur smoke art


I discovered the incredible art works of Mehmet Ozgur yesterday.
Here are some photos from his Smoke Works collections.

Cutting Edge
[ all photos © Mehmet Ozgur used with permission ]

Aquarium © Mehmet Ozgur

Ignorance Blooming © Mehmet Ozgur

Splash © Mehmet Ozgur

Creation © Mehmet Ozgur

Rise © Mehmet Ozgur

Decline © Mehmet Ozgur

this one is my favorite
Jaws © Mehmet Ozgur

By day, Turkish-born Mehmet Ozgur is an engineer working in RF and microwave applications in MEMS and nanotechnology. His fascination with nature led him to pursue photography as a serious hobby. For his Smoke series, he photographed thousands of images of smoke, then reworked them digitally, layering photos on top of one another. The result: surreal figures, abstract scenes and shapes that are easily identified.
"It takes many tangible, and intangible things to put together an original photographic artwork. Obvious tangible elements include camera, lenses, studio, models, computers, software, travel to remote destinations, and long arduous hikes. My inspiration has been to make something completely different than what the camera captures." Mehmet Ozgur tells Environmental Graffiti.
Ozgur, who has won several photography awards including the 2006 Popular Photography magazine contest,  also has evocative landscape shots like these in his repertoire:

Old rag 1 © Mehmet Ozgur

Fire and Peace © Mehmet Ozgur

Moondance 1 - Moon in a well © Mehmet Ozgur

[ all photos copyright Mehmet Ozgur, used with permission ]  found at Fubiz

Please visit Mehmet Ozgur's website to see more of his works. If you like these photos here, click on the photo caption to get to the specific photo's page.

I'm working on another post on smoke art... an installation piece. Come back and visit!

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by liberal sprinkles


Anonymous said...

Wow - this man is a photography genius! Thank you so much for sharing his stunning works!

Gattina said...

Wow these smoke pictures are beautiful so creative ! He is a real artist.
So you lived in Brussels ? But where are you living now ? I couldn't find it out on your blog.

Kristen said...

What an original concept! I wish I could borrow his genius for a day or two! :)

Lynn said...

Nice photos - very creative/artistic.

Designer Ov said...

Dear sir


I am a photo artist based out of Kolkata and try to capture the essence of people, culture of India and their relationship with each other in my interpretations. I have been immensely influenced by your artistic interpretations and design interventions of your creations. In case you have time to go through my site, you will be finding your name along with some others who have influenced my thought through your work. I humbly want to state as I am been extremely benefited by your work, and so put your name as an expression of respect and gratitude. I would be highly glad in case you allow me to put a link from your name to your site as it exists. I must tell you here that the names are not been mentioned in any specific order of priority.

I humbly want to say that I am very much impressed by the unique form of your photography, popularly known as "smoke photography". There are a handful of artist all over the world who specialize on this type of
art and you are the Number One. I would request to you sincerely to go through my smoke episode sections and put your valuable comments/suggestions/advice.

This mail intends to seek a permission from your side to put a link from your name to you site from the existing site and location. This mail also humble seeks some valuable words from your end on the work that I have displayed on my site and a permission to put them as a testimonial on the site in the days to come.

Thanks and expecting a positive feedback from your side.

Warm Regards

Abhijit Chakraborty

liberal sprinkles said...

If you read my post, you will know that it is not my work but that of Mehmet Ozgur that is featured. The photos were used with his permission on my blog, I suggest you contact him directly to get permission for whatever use you want of his works.
His website is at

Please DO NOT use any of my content or words on your site. My blog contents are copyrighted. You can see the copyright link in my blog. I would appreciate it if you would please NOT link Mehmet Ozgur's works to my blog liberal sprinkles.
Thank you.

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