March 10, 2011

Postcard Love


I started a new blog! If you like postcards, please visit me at Postcard Love. The blog's very raw at the moment, I will dress it up soon. I will be posting photos of postcards I receive from around the world via Postcrossing, and once I get more organized, postcards from my collection as well.

Postcrossing is a website that allows you to send and receive postcards from people from other countries. I got tired of seeing only bills in my mail so I joined last month when I read about it. I wrote a post about my postcard love and Postcrossing in February. If you're interested, please check out postcrossing & bookcrossing ~ liberal sprinkles.

I received my first two postcards from fellow Postcrossers this week.

postcard from US

a recipe for beignets.

I've always wanted to visit New Orleans (not got the chance yet!),
now I get to try some typical N'awlins food ... if I succeed.
postcard from Berlin

This brings back happy memories. I spent two months in Berlin in the 90s.

Loved the architecture of East Berlin
loved the museums
loved the ice cream at Kempinski
loved the ethnic diversity of Kreutzberg where I stayed
loved the fries with mayonnaise
loved the currywurst
loved Tacheles ...

loved loved loved

Movenpick Hotels & Resorts

Thanks for reading!

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by liberal sprinkles


Slidecutter said...

Oh just had to put up a photo of Beignets, I loooooove them!

Now I'll be craving them for the rest of

Lynn said...

What a fun thing - postcrossing. Do the people sending them actually write something on them or just send you a post card? I'll check out the site - maybe it says. Thanks for sharing.

liberal sprinkles said...

I've never had one but I imagine they melt in the mouth. Do they???

I guess it's up to you what you write/or not...Some Postcrossers make specific requests. I usually say something about what's on the card and if I've a link to the country/city I'm sending my card to. My card to Poland just arrived, that means I get to receive another one soon. Yippeee!

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