April 13, 2011

2:46 #Quakebook an Amazon bestseller, Twitter-source ebook ALL for charity


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For just  $9.99, you can now get a collection of stories about life in the immediate aftermath of the March Japan earthquake and tsunami. And you can help the Japanese Red Cross Society in its disaster relief efforts.

All proceeds from the ebook 2:46: Aftershocks: Stories from the Japan Earthquake, or #Quakebook as it is also known by its Twitter hashtag, go to the Japan Red Cross.

The book, a collective effort by about 300 contributors, editors, translators and volunteers and all put together in just one week, include firsthand accounts of the tragedy, photographs, illustrations and contributions by artist-writer Yoko Ono and sci-fi author William Gibson.

The ebook is available for download for the Kindle e-reader at Amazon but even if you don't have the Kindle, you can still buy and read the book. You should be able to download the reader free for your computer or smartphone at Amazon.com, although this may depend on where you live. I haven't been able to download the reader yet where I am but I'm trying to get it on my phone.

The book went on sale on April 11. Within 12 hours, it had made it to number 4 on the Amazon Kindle Movers and Shakers list. Now in its 2nd day on the market, it is the #76 Kindle ebook bestseller. It also tops the rankings in the non-fiction disaster relief categories at both Kindle Store and Books, and is No. 2 in the Social Sciences Kindle category.

For more about the book and an interview with Roberto De Vido, one of the volunteers who helped manage the project, read this post 2:46 #Quakebook interview and Operation Yashima.

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