April 8, 2011

Book Blurb Friday: Number One


I really cracked my brains to write something for Book Blurb Friday today. I think I killed all my brain cells working and writing fact posts this week.

Every Friday, Lisa Ricard Claro of Writing in the Buff hosts this meme. She posts a photo that hopefully gets your creative juices flowing so you can come up with a spectacular back cover blurb for a fictional book. OK in my case, it's an effort to just come up with a blurb, never mind spectacular.

This week's photo is from Sandra Davies of lines of communication, a wonderful writer and artist. who also crafts and quilts! Here goes...

Number One
For 35 years, Radberg Rattigan walked the back alleys of Back Row City. He also frequented the metropolis' dark sewers and slums. Until he retired, Radberg was Back Row's Ratcatcher Extraordinaire. Now, his days are filled with walks on the palatable side of town, where fresh air and clean streets allow him to savor the sweetness of doing nothing. Except he doesn't. He misses the filth and stench, he misses being Number One at something, he misses scouring the back streets for targets, he really misses the pleasure of a good, strong whack with his heavy-duty torch and stick.

Can Radberg overcome the secret urge to walk back into the gutters or is he destined to return to the slums of Back Row? Or will he find another mark to satisfy that violent craving?
(134 words)

I couldn't quite develop the dark side of his character as much as I wanted! Please go on over to Lisa's post to read the other blurbs.

#Quakebook.org - A Twitter-sourced charity book about how the Japanese Earthquake at 2:46 on March 11 2011 affected us all. Raising money for the Japan Red Cross. 2:46 #Quakebook interview and Operation Yashima, post-quake and tsunami 
This is a post I wrote earlier this week. If you haven't already read it, I hope you will. The making of Quakebook is a wonderful story about good will and the power of social media. #Quakebook is a 100% charity e-book with 89 stories about people's experiences of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. The book was put together by 300 strangers (contributors including Yoko Ono and sci-fi writer William Gibson, editors, designers, translators) who responded to an initial tweet by a British blogger in Japan. Within a week, the 30,000-word book was ready to be published online! It's only been delayed because they are waiting for Amazon which they got on board and to waive its  regular fees so that 100% of the proceeds will go the Japanese Red Cross. Click on the photo on the left to get to the Quakebook blog. If you can, please spread the word and buy the book. Thank you for reading!

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Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Grace, this is great! I love his name, and how leading the clean life is utterly boring, lol. I love it. You do so well with descriptions.

Have a great weekend,

Kathy M.

Susan Fobes said...

LOL! Rats? It is truly amazing at what we all come up with... Thanks for the much needed smile today!

Sandra Davies said...

I like that you've focussed on the man in the picture which was what I wanted to do but failed. Sad that even ratcatchers yearn for their job when retired ...

liberal sprinkles said...

Kathy, guess it's hard to adapt when we're so used to the status quo. I'm often guilty of that.

Susan, glad it made you smile.

Sandra, I had a tough time thinking up something creative this week, don't think I did the lovely photo justice! Sorry I made it so dark...


jabblog said...

I like this! It could develop into a murder mystery or a comedy (or do I just have a strange sense of humour?)

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

This is great. My brain converted it to a graphic novel, the dark "Batman" kind of thing. The whole rat angle is creepy and fun. I love it!

SJerZGirl said...

It could be because I'm a "crazy cat lady", but I thought your blurb might be about a cat. Until the last sentences. I'm a fan of cat genre (particularly mystery) and this would be a great concept for a novel!

Jenners said...

I like where you went with this. Perhaps he should start playing a pipe and luring children away from villages to change things up.

Ellie said...

Is it wrong that I want him to satisfy his violent cravings? Please make him do so and then tell us more!

Loved it!

liberal sprinkles said...

Wow, I'm overwhelmed by the support. I really didn't think I did a satisfactory job. Thanks everyone!!

comedy yes! But it would take a cleverer person than me to write it. Wanna try?

I LOVE the graphic novel imagery. I did think of Gotham City but that was a bit obvious so I made up a ratty city name instead. I love that you caught the Batman angle. I can just hear the narrator!

hmmm interesting. It didn't occur to me, maybe I'll have to think of animals next week!

aww the Piped Piper image is cool too! That could certainly spice up the book!

mmmm no. I think I'd go for the violent cravings being satisfied..and snuffed out I guess at the end. Unless the stinkingly bad protagonist wins?

Lynn said...

I want to read the rest of the book! Great job.

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