April 4, 2011

Japanese breakfast inspiration from Bamsesayaka


Mr. Okogeavocado toastasagohan / breakfastMr. PancakeMr. Beni hoppe
Im Sorry totoro...Mr. OtobokeMr.anko今日の朝ごはん / today's breakfast Mr. Kabuo  /  かぶお君Mr. Boo / ぼーちゃん
Mr. Shimeji today's breakfastMiss. nikonikoMr. Sanka kun / さんか君Miss. Fuwa fuwa
Mr. WoootwinsMr. PopoMiss. ichiko
Breakfast project, a set by bamsesayaka on Flickr.

Some Japanese kawaii-ness from artist-photographer Sayaka Minemura
46 ways (so far) of having breakfast with a smile.
Breakfast Project by Bamsesayaka (flickr)

More cuteness at Fun Food from virginhoney.

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Lynn said...

I love this!

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