April 26, 2011

Canal St, DIY flowers, cigar boxes and fortune tellers


A few interesting things I stumbled across today:

A miniature rendition of New York's Canal Street as it might have looked in the late 1970s. Canal St. Cross-Section by American artist Alan Wolfson shows the street-level environment (love the pizza shop!), as well as the underground world of a subway car and platform. It will be among the exhibits at the New York Museum of Arts and Design's Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities from June 7 to September 18, 2011.

A visualization of how quickly a news story spreads via Twitter. The New York Times' Project Cascade attempts to shed light, through infographics presented in video form, on how information goes viral on the Internet by linking viewers' browsing behaviors to their sharing activities. The tool could eventually help the media and corporate worlds understand how best to promote their stories and word their messages. Read an article about it here.

An app to sift the junk out of your email inbox - quickly! The Email Game times you as you go through your emails, giving you more points the faster you're done with one. Well, that's the idea at least. Seems a bit stressful to me to see a clock ticking as you go through your inbox ...

A free digital download of cigar box templates. Thanks, Cathe at Just Something I Made. She has a cigar box collection (lucky girl!) and is sharing two at her post. Hurray! I've always wanted one, now I can make one. I've already printed it but I don't have any cardstock so I had to do it on paper. I need to improvise to make the box usable.

A fortune teller! Make your own cootie catcher and see what the future holds for you. LOL. I used to play with these when I was a kid; I don't remember what we used to call it but it wasn't "cootie catcher". heheh. These are fun, you can use if you need to make a decision and don't know which way to go. Seens from The Backs of My Eyelids has posted some real gems!

(and 2 flowery discoveries from last week)
A tutorial on making flowers from crepe paper, by How About Orange. If you have some crepe paper lying around, you could try this. It looks easy and the flowers are so cute, you could use them as decoration for all kinds of events, or maybe even gifts. I certainly wouldn't mind getting some!

Another tutorial on making flowers - from card stock paper this time. Patricia from A Little Hut has written an excellent step-by-step guide. I'm definitely trying both this and the other how-to from How About Orange.

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by liberal sprinkles


Bluezy said...

Great links! Your fortune teller link goes to the cigar box, though. I am a weird old gramma who saw the word cootie catcher and thought hey have they upgraded the tech on those? let me see!
there is a lot of content to this. You researched a whole bunch!
I like DIY stuff like the flowers...I saw a guy at the city bus terminal making palm leaf flowers and selling them for a buck. He made a bit of money!

liberal sprinkles said...

Hi Bluezy,
the link's been fixed, sorry about that! I didn't do much research for this post actually, it's just part of my daily blog reading!
Thanks for all your comments, I'll be replying to the others soon!

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