April 4, 2011

Fun Food from virginhoney


..nontoxic..apple-dwarfdwarfman becomes spaceman..."killed"...  "carroty" the goldfishvegetarian sushi
baby-carrotiesasparagusgreen and browngreen dogBärenhungerhungry as a bear
meatball-bearmhhhhh..Wuff...fresh from the marketDachshundiKiwi King
monkeykitchen tableflower powerbumblebeepreciousfashion victim
Fun Food, a set by virginhoney on Flickr
aww how cute it this? I had to follow up with another food inspiration post after Bamsesayaka's kawaii breakfasts.

This set is from virginhoney (artist/illustrator Sabine Timm). You can see her artworks at the Sebastian Foster gallery.

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Lynn said...

Oh my gosh, so cute. It reminds me of the time I had a Hawaii themed party and I made palm trees out of veggies, a boat out of a pineapple, etc. It was fun. These are really cute.

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