May 20, 2011

+d Japanese product design


+d goodies

I was reintroduced to Japanese product design brand +d by design milk this week. Here are some of the goodies I like best from them.

bookcup by +d
bookcup by +d

I so love these book covers designed by Rie Akutsu and Koji Shimizu for +d. You can really drink in the text with this, and they come with their own teabag bookmarks too. Sooo cute!! I've made carryable fabric book covers, gotta reshape the handles to make them like these!

animal index by +d
animal index by +d

Aren't these adorable too? You could really jazz up a bookcase with these animal indexes designed by Hiroshi Sasagawa for +d, you can also mark where you've removed a book or CD/DVDs from a shelf. As fun for adults as for kids.

cupmen by +d
cupmen by +d

heheh, these I could really do with because I eat a lot of instant noodle! The little Cupmen, designed by Akira Mabuchi for +d, will sit on top of your cup noodles after you've poured water in and change colors, letting you know when they're ready (the noodles, not the men!). If you eat cup noodles, you'll know the lid tends to flip upwards with the steam, I would love to see how long these guys can hang on...

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