June 11, 2011

book designers Irma Boom, Allison Colpoys


Dutch bookmaker Irma Boom

It's so inspirational to see great artists at work. The first video gives an insight into the thought process and works of renown Dutch graphic designer and bookmaker Irma Boom, who has made over 250 books. Fifty of her works are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Two interesting things about Boom:
1. She hates handmade books, which to her are "disgusting". So sad for amateur bookmakers!
2. Her incredible miniature books, which she creates to see how the actual books she's working on will turn out. They are so cute and wonderful, even Moma wants them. But she says they can have it only when she's dead. LOL.

A woman who speaks her mind, as you'll see in the video by Dutch Design Fashion Architecture:

Dutch Profiles: Irma Boom (YouTube)
[ via Co.Design ]

Isn't she amazing? She dares to create a blank, white cover for a book! Love it! As did experts. Her design for Weaving as Metaphor by American fiber artist Sheila Hicks won The Most Beautiful Book in the World award at the Leipzig Book Fair in 2007. She worked on it for four years, was opposed on many, many fronts and was fired by the commissioning editor. But she continued working on it and thank goodness she was so "stubborn", as she herself puts it. More about Boom and the Hicks book in this following video. The book is so beautiful: the big to small font, the incredible cover, the textured edges. What's not to love?

Irma Boom on The Most Beautiful Book in the World from D&AD on Vimeo

More of her works in this video:

Irma Boom books

Penguin book designer Allison Colpoys

These are two book covers designed by Australian Penguin book designer Allison Colpoys, who has won several awards for her book designs. You have to look at the insides of the books to appreciate her cleverness. A few of them are in this interview with her at The Design Files. I love her use of illustrations and bright colors.

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