June 22, 2011

font love


Getting Upper | Poetic Morphology | Red Fred Bodoni |
Monod for NYT Voyages | CNJPUS TEXT |
pilllpat {agence eureka} | letter pillows

Getting up to fun

letter A created by Fox/Wang
for Getting Upper
print $25
letter B created by Snow Kahn
for Getting Upper
print $25
letter C created by Katie Hanburger
for Getting Upper
print $25

These fun fonts are part of a set of alphabet created by 26 California-based graphic designers and artists for Getting Upper: Graphic Designers and Artists Reconsider the Alphabet. Their brief was to use the illegibility and deconstructive nature of graffiti as their starting point.

Limited edition prints of the letters are now on sale for $25 each at the Pasadena Museum of California Art's shop. The Getting Upper alphabet is currently on display at the museum (until September 4, 2011).
[ via design milk ]

typo art

art installation Towards a Poetic Morphology is a landscape of letters that form Robert Walser's poem Oppressive Light. A making-of video of the piece, created by The Cloud Collective for the 22nd international poster and graphic design festival of Chaumont (May 21-June 5, 2011).

Towards a poetic morphology from The Cloud Collective on Vimeo

how a little bird was born...

The Anatomy of Red Fred Bodoni (YouTube)

Another typo matter

In this post Type Matters, the New York Times magazine talks about what inspired it to choose Monod, a sans serif font created in 2009 by V. H. Fleisher, for its Voyages issue on June 12. The inspirations were the irregular typography on vintage luggage tags and road signs. I fascinated me that the Times goes to such length to find a font to suit its magazine and to be able to read about the process.

A Roman-Chinese typeface

I would love to see Japanese artist Ryo Shimizu's CNJPUS TEXT. He created the 15 feet x 41 feet artwork using a typeface he invented, a hybrid of Roman and Chinese characters. Some 2,500 words made up of letters and characters cover a gallery wall, with others having tumbled off to the ground. It's all designed to make you feel dizzy like you're decoding cryptograms. See the photos at his website and read about the work in this Co.Design article.

A font collection from pilllpat (agence eureka)

1882lettres 11882lettres 41882lettres 61882lettres 31882lettres 21882lettres 5
1882lettres 71882lettres 101882lettres 91882lettres 81882lettres 221882lettres 12
1882lettres 211882lettres 201882lettres 181882lettres 161882lettres 191882lettres 15
1882lettres 171882lettres 131882lettres 141882lettres 111882lettres abum11882lettres abum2

pilllpat has quite a few fantastic typography sets on her Flickr photostream.
Take a look: Dessins, lettres et typos

letter pillows from Jonathan Adler

more font stuff

:: read about Jessica Hirsche's Drop Cap project in this post

:: here's a link to a post at Denzomag on some beautiful typography

:: typewriter fonts: old typewriter font free at fuzzimo; traveling typewrite font at dafont.com

:: gazillion fonts available at fonts.com and dafont.com; some are free

:: Lost Type Co-op:a pay-what-you-want foundry of typefaces

:: Prototyp-0 app, which lets designers adjust elements of a typeface to see how it would look. Read more here.

:: a typeface based on Gandhi's iconic spectacles

:: cool post at Chronicle Books' blog with links to font humor

:: nice blog on fonts: we love typography

:: good post at Co.Design on letterpress and the LetterMPress app

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