June 21, 2011

Jessica Swift's rain boots Kickstarter project


these boots are made for walking!

a Kickstarter project by Jessica Swift

I've just pledged a donation to help artist/fabric designer Jessica Swift launch her own line of rain boots. You can too! Check out her blogpost and her project page on Kickstarter. You'll get something back for your donation! For just a dollar, you'll get a thank you postcard; for $10, a set of 10 illustrated postcards specially created for the project; for $100, a pair of boots! Lots of rewards levels, check out the Kickstarter page for the rain boots to see them all. If you're a non-US resident, please take note at the bottom of the page of the little extra you should add to your donation for postal charges. Your pledged amount won't be deducted until the total funding is met. Jessica needs $18,000 to get the rain boots into production. If you like her work (great stuff at her website) and/or need some rain boots, help her get there!

Read more about Kickstarter in this post I wrote. The Kickstarter website helps creative people find funding to get their ideas off the ground, and gives you the opportunity to support great ideas that you'd like to see realized. Get kicking!

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