June 21, 2011

likes and discoveries


bookmarked and enjoyed in the last week...

oh it would have been interesting to try this earthquake simulator. 

La ville molle (part III) from Raum Raum on Vimeo

"La ville molle" (the soft city) is the creation of Atelier Raum Architects, which turned part of the cobbled streets of medieval Bourges, France, into a mini earthquake zone last year for the city's Biennale of Contemporary Art. The installation's aim is to shake up the pedestrian's urban experience, question the durability of a city and its capacity to change.

more about the construction process in this video

La ville molle (part I & II) from Raum Raum on Vimeo
[ via Co.Design ]

frappucino by ayumills
creative commons CC-BY-NC-ND

Wow, talk about a great quilting block! Makes me want to go to the coffee shop right away! This fabulous patchwork piece is from Ayumi at Pink Penguin, a very talented sewer I've written about. If you're not familiar with her sewing, click on over to her site. Every post is a guaranteed eye candy!

also enjoying

:: today's Google home page, a doodle by Takashi Murakami. A lovely write-up at The Christian Science Monitor.

:: House Doctor's Everyday 2011 catalogue: this is the first retail catalogue I've flipped all the way through online. Everything by this Danish furniture and interior brand is so gorgeous; especially love the home shots. *lust*

:: this fun post on biscuit embossing: great info on the Oreo, my one-time favorite biscuit! (one-time because I don't eat cookies that much anymore but if I did, Oreos would still be there at the top)

:: Disparity photo series by Christopher Boffoli

:: photos of Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany: great details big people can appreciate

:: photos of burger art from The Burgermat Show pop-up at Wallpaper. An art-cum-food (burger of course!) event in London on June 27. Fun concept!

:: Why do you buy art? Vote here.

:: this DIY salvaged-wood wall. WOW

:: cute, gorgeous eco-friendly outdoor furniture by Grupo HeWi in Mexico

:: a useful list of online magazines from whipup

:: Wallpaper custom covers

:: CSS tips from design*sponge: useful tips for customizing your blog

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