June 18, 2011

Vivid Sydney timelapse video by James Zhao


Vivid Sydney captured in timelapse photography

A nice timelapse video of the Vivid Sydney festival put together by photographer James Zhao. The 1 min 53 sec video is a mash of some 5,000 photos from several shoots over a period of 12 hours during the recent event (May 27 to June 13).

During Vivid Sydney, the Australian city is transformed at night into a bright canvas of light and sound with various shows. Iconic buildings like the Sydney Opera House are lit up, interactive light sculptures brighten the cityscape, music is a staple and other exhibitions and events contribute to the creative atmosphere.

Timelapse of Vivid Sydney 2011 from James Zhao on Vimeo

Read more about the making of the video in this post at James Zhao's blog Through the lens.
[ via fubiz ]

Timelapse photography is so very popular nowadays. You can see two very cool timelapse videos of New York City and Chicago in this post.

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