July 28, 2011

CITRUS⁴ and other animations by Claire Fauché


Claire Fauché animations

Some lovely animations by French graphic designer Claire Fauché to tease your senses. First up, CITRUS⁴.

CITRUS⁴ from Claire Fauché on Vimeo
Music: We all want to see the sky from MightyMaya
CITRUS⁴ by Claire Fauché illustrates four citrus fruits (orange, bergamot, mandarin orange and lemon) and the fragrances they spread.

It was presented in an exhibition of perfume Zestes de Soleil (Zests of the Sun), directed by Polygraphik workshop at the Musée International de la Parfumerie de Grasse in southern France from June to September 2010.

The display was a polysensory experience; perfume-diffusing machines were installed and citrus sweets were distributed in the screening room, encouraging visitors to use all their senses.

I would love to have been in the screening room! I also love another idea the creator had of scenting flip books. The two animated videos below illustrate this. The first one shows how the flip book works ...

stop motion flip book from Claire Fauché on Vimeo

Colors for the scents from Claire Fauché on Vimeo
in association with Aglaé Nicolas who created the scents
Music: Magic Spells by Crystal Castles

Based on the seven colors, the animation shows the change of a scent to an other like in a perfume. Printed and bound as a flip book, scents are sprayed on it... and the flip book is presented as a part of the perfum.It illustrates in picture what the perfumer creates.

more Claire Fauché animations here and some of her other works here and here (thanks for the update, Claire). There's an old deleted blog at claire-fauche-portfolio.blogspot.com , I'll leave the link in case Claire puts it back up!

other cool stuff

:: DIY paper snowflakes: great tutorial! and so easy. I've tried it, it's fantastic. I don't have a photo, maybe will post some later...

:: Aesop's skin-care kiosk at Grand Central, NYC, made of 1,800 copies of New York Times

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