August 28, 2011

Fabric Remix by Sandy Stone [book review]


Fabric Remix
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Fabric Remix by Sandy Stone

I really enjoyed this book. It's great for people who love to craft and recycle. While it focuses on recycling things you can salvage from thrift shops, antique stores, sales and other venues, many of the projects can easily be tackled with materials you may already have in your own homes - things that are a little dated or that you haven't used for their intended purposes for a while. Instead of throwing them out, why not give them a new life?

I've done projects similar to some of those here but Fabric Remix has given me more ideas for crafting and making special things that will make my home unique and my gifts different from store-bought products.

The book is laid out unconventionally. Author Sandy Stone begins with chapters on finding inspiration, gathering materials and a tour of her beautiful home, where she's left a personal imprint on every room with her crafted items. She talks about the pieces she's custom-made for her home. There are stories behind some of the work, like how she handled "the beginning of the empty nest" - she turned her daughter's old bedroom into a fancy guest bedroom after she graduated from college and moved away, leaving "a big space behind".

After the home tour, there is a gallery of closer-up photos of the projects in the book, followed by the tutorials chapter and then a section on information about tools and techniques used.

Among the 35 projects: embellished lanterns, a scarf lampshade, a canvas signage satchel, a wire basket embellished with measuring tape, a doggie bed, a headboard and a chair back upholstered with ties.

Here are photos of my favorite projects - the bench cushion (love the numbers!), the zipper tapestry and scarf-painted cabinets (just like my decoupaged cabinet although Stone's fabric choices are spot on wonderful) - and a look at a few rooms in the author's home. Enjoy.

window bench cushion from Fabric Remix by Sandy Stone

scarf-painted cabinets from Fabric Remix by Sandy Stone

damask drapery coverlet and sham | zipper tapestry from Fabric Remix by Sandy Stone

living room from Fabric Remix by Sandy Stone

kitchen space from Fabric Remix by Sandy Stone

dining room from Fabric Remix by Sandy Stone

Over at Lark's blog, you can get instructions for a free project from the book, the Coffee Bag Basket Liner.

Fabric Remix
Author: Sandy Stone
Publisher: Lark Crafts
ISBN: 978-1600594854

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buy at The Book Depository (free shipping worldwide)

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