October 3, 2011

Sub City: Paris and New York and Paris Made by Hand


This video really brought me back to my days in Paris. It's a slightly unusual and very lovely view of the city.

For lovers of the subway and Paris, here's Sub City: Paris, a video made by Redglass Pictures

Sub City Paris from Redglass Pictures on Vimeo

This is the continuation of a series that explores that moment of uncertainty and magic that happens when you emerge from the depths of the subway system.There is also Sub City: New York, which is just as beautiful.

Sub City New York
from Redglass Pictures on Vimeo

Another thing that reminded me of Paris was this.

Paris: Made by Hand by Pia Jane Bijkerk
buy at Amazon | at The Book Depository (free shipping worldwide)

I recognized some of the shops in the book but a lot were new to me. I wish I'd had had it with me last year when I was in Paris!

Pia Jane Bijkerk is a well-known blogger-photographer-stylist. Her work as a stylist put her in good stead to find cool off-the-beaten track shops selling interesting artisan, handmade, vintage and unique ware. A lot of them are pricey but I probably couldn't be able to resist checking them out and rummaging through the treasures inside. On my list would be stationery shop Melodies Graphiques, artificial flower makers Legeron, fabric manufacturers Mahlia Kent.

Paris: Made by Hand is the perfect size to lug around during a trip (a square 6"ish) and it's nicely structured with the shops listed geographically according to Paris districts. Useful information like the shops' addresses and websites are provided but I wish the book included a map with the shops marked - less work for the reader!

A minus was that I found the photography somewhat dark and moody, although very a la mode with the current off-focus /soft focus trend thanks to apps like Hipstamatic (this book is 2 years old though). I didn't think that style worked well with a book like this, where you want to display the products and not just the shops.

Still, the book will travel with me on my next visit to Paris. I've lived in the city and don't normally do the touristy stuff when I visit every couple years, so I'd take the time to hunt down the type of shops featured in the book. I think Paris residents or regular visitors would find the book interesting but I'm not sure how attractive it would be to a first-time tourist with limited time in the city unless you're the sort that's really into chic flea market vintage and artisan goods.

Paris: Made by Hand: 50 Shops Where Decorators and Stylists Source the Chic & Unique
Author: Pia Jane Bijkerk
Publisher: Little Bookroom
ISBN: 978-1892145703

buy at Amazon
buy at The Book Depository (free shipping worldwide)

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