May 27, 2012

Staedtler Noris Club gel crayons, Faber-Castell gelatos techniques


Staedtler Noris Club gel crayons

I've been making art the past few months. I am trying out lots of fun and new (to me!) techniques and basically making a mess at home. I recently read about Faber-Castell gelatos and have been eyeing them since watching a couple videos about the gelatos' varied uses. I haven't been able to find the gelatos where I live but last week, I came across these Staedtler Noris Club gel crayons in a local shop. I'd never heard of gel crayons so I thought I'd give them a try. The crayons are like pigment sticks in a chapstick container (like the gelatos). I love the brilliant colors (there is also a glitter set whose colors shimmer) and the sticks are so easy to apply. They just glide over the page.

It's fun to draw and color with them although I haven't had a lot of success blending the colors with my fingers. When I try with water and brush, it works better but the colors get diluted very quickly. I had better luck blending the colors on gessoed paper.

I would love to know what the Staedtler gel crayons' ingredients are but they are not stated on the packaging and I couldn't find any information online. They look very similar to the Faber-Castell gelatos when applied so I tried out some of the techniques used on gelatos.

The Staedtler gel crayons worked great for the watercolor stamping technique (used directly on stamp, misted with water then stamped on paper), emboss resist technique (colored on embossed paper, blended and wiped off with wet wipes) and I even managed to make a spray mist by mixing some of the pigment with water (the glitter crayons created a shimmery mist - nice!). The colors looked great as well on chipboard, cork and wood.

I wish there were more colors (the glitter set comes in the same colors) and the pigments would blend more easily but I do like this product which I found quite versatile. If anyone from Staedtler is reading, I would love to know the ingredients and if the crayons are acid-free, permanent and colorfast. Thanks!

  the gelatos come in various color sets and combinations. there is also a 34-piece set!

the gel sticks are just like gelatos but for kids. not permanent I think.

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