May 1, 2011

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I had a good snail mail month in April. Not only did I receive about 10 postcards from around the world, I got a couple packages in my real life mail box from my blog buddy Lynn from Present Letters (read about them here and here) and Carol from studioc3designs. I "met" Carol through the Great Big Stitched Postcard swap. I sent off my handmade postcard to Antoinette in North Carolina in March and received one last week from Carol in Texas. The first card she sent me is somewhere in the world - it never made it to me! Carol so kindly made me another and I got some bonuses in the package, too :)

postcard made by Carol for me for Great Big Stitched Postcard swap

Carol is a fused glass artist and this is the really cute mixed media card she made for me. The theme of the swap was "love" - executed very well, don't you think? I love the little "love" and "peace" badges on the card. Thanks so much, Carol!

Texas, Lone Star State map postcard
I got a little note written on the Texas map card, which is pretty cool too. I love maps and I made my own map envelope for the card I sent to North Carolina. Incidentally, for those who love postcards or maps, I found this fabulous Flickr set of US state map postcards from DeeDeeQ5724 - very nice and extensive collection!

I absolutely adore the envelope Carol put the goodies in.

On the envelope were some stamps I'd been lusting after! I got very excited when I received the package. I recognized many of the stamps because I'd read about them in the USA Philatelic magazine Lynn sent me. In fact, Lynn sent me the whole set of the comic stamps! Read about it in this post.

I am a stamp and postcard fanatic, I used to have a huge postcard collection but it got trimmed down when I moved a few years back. I actually gave away my entire stamp collection but I've started collecting again, I can' seem to stop collecting stuff or part with the "junk" in my life!

Carol put a Texas Highways magazine into my envelope. Great way to learn about the state which I've never visited. Hope to one day.

Texas Highways magazine,
April 2011
article on Panaderia in Presidio from
Texas Highways magazine

I was drawn immediately to that page on Don Jose Panaderia in Presidio, Texas. Heheh, I'm a foodie and the cookies in that photo look absolutely yummy! You can read that article online and several others as well on the Texas Highways website. The April issue includes these articles:
::  The Serendity of Wildflowers, a lovely write-up about some beautiful wildflower drives the magazine chose with the help of botanists from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center;

::  The Oldest Park in Texas, a piece on the San Pedro Springs Park in San Antonio. Archeological treasures found there suggest that humans had gathered at the springs as early as 12,000 years ago.

Thanks again, Carol, for the yummy package :)

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Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Grace
I love all these goodies you received.. I used to collect postcards and in a wild moment of downsizing chucked them out.. boo hoo.. and Iove those stamps on the envelope.. We forget how great stamp art can be!!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.. must checkout your postcard blog.. ciao xxx Julie

Lynn said...

Very cool. I plan to post all my postcards and stamps... ahhhh, some day, but my blog won't be as near as interesting as yours! I'll be lucky to get the card posted! :-)

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Oh, my gosh! Wow! Everything is so cool. I love the hand stitched cards, Grace, and they have given me a wonderful idea. Also, it never occurred to me to buy lots of different kinds of stamps to mail things with. If I'm using one of those envelopes, I just pay the money and get the sticker. Oh, and I love Lynn, she is my friend and FB friend too. Hey, are you on FB?

Thank you for your last email. I have kept it as unread and will answer you soon. Thanks so much, and have a wonderful week!

Kathy M.

Kelly Fletcher said...

Hi Grace. Thanks for all the eye candy and general interestingness, Kelly

liberal sprinkles said...

hello everyone, thanks for the comments!

I know how you feel about ditching your postcard collection, I still have a lot but I threw out more than half of it! I kinda regret it now, also about giving away my stamps, but I really had to downsize my junk. It's funny how it all gets built up all over again - and very quickly!

thanks for the compliment, I don't think your blog's not as interesting, it's just different!!

I plan to make something with some of the stamps I have (although I'm leaving that envelope from Texas well alone!) - maybe that's an idea too eh? I'd love to see what you come up with. The handmade cards are great fun. I did mine with fabric and paper, I want to do more too... just need to find the time!

Yeah I know Lynn's a common friend - we're all on BBF!

And yes, I finally started an FB account for the blog, the link's in my other post on what Lynn sent, or in my profile.

Don't worry about answering my super long emails, I don't expect a reply all the time, especially when I'm venting! hahah


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