June 9, 2011

stuff I like


so many things I'm loving...

:: these photo frames from Hatchcraft

Boo Box by Hatchcraft

Boo Box by Hatchcraft

Isn't this shadow box photo frame just gorgeous? 
Even the sides and back are beautiful.
The frame is made of bamboo plywood and comes in two sizes for 4" and 7" prints.
Available from $17 at Hatchcraft.

:: pasta stationery from Ham & Pea

A$5.95 from youngrepublic

A$5.95 from youngrepublic

Australian design and stationery company Ham&Pea created
these cute cards that spell out greetings using pasta shapes. 
There are six designs.

:: cute stuff from illustrator Mary Kilvert's shops

Little Women mug | £12

mermaid pocket mirror | £5

townhouses wallpaper
height 10m x width 52cm | £160

Isn't the wallpaper cute? 
And it can even be customised to include your own house or a specific building you like.
How cool.

You can also get Kilvert's prints, tea towels and badges,
as well as postcards by her and other artists at

postcard book
22 cards by Mary Kilvert and 10 other artists | £7
See more of Mary Kilvert's works at her website.
[ via Pikaland ]

:: printables for organizing your home

:: and these prints from Love Land, Ollibird's Etsy shop.

menu planner from loveandmisc (Etsy)

retro fridge 

The menu planner is self-explanatory;
the retro fridge can be used to create a shopping list.

:: Read Your Bookcase : I so want this bookshelving system designed by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti for Italian furniture design company Saporiti. You could name your own bookcase!

:: Another cool alphabet bookshelf: the Aakkoset Shelf by Finland-based Lincoln Kayiwa. Unfortunately, it's a teensy bit beyond my budget: 27,060 €.

Aakkoset shelf

other awesome and cool stuff

:: porcelain fashion by Li Xiaofeng: clothes made from traditional Chinese ceramics

:: 33 ways to stay creative poster (unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the original source)

:: lovely attics turned into bedrooms: I love those skylights

:: house in Torres Vedras, Portugal: I love the turquoise library in this colorful home designed by Pedro Gadanho

:: Frog Queen: a building in Graz, Austria, with a pixelated facade; designed by Splitterwerk

:: Real Fake Art: an interesting article at Flavorwire on photographer Michael Wolf's work on Chinese copy artists. I didn't know that 70 percent of fakes of famous masterpieces produced for export to North America and Europe come from China and their copy artists can churn out 30 paintings a day. Factory-like.
[ read my post on the biggest art fraud of the 20th century: John Drewe/John Myatt ]
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:: Tree Restaurant: such a beautiful restaurant in Sydney designed by architectural firm Koichi Takada

:: free old typewriter font from fuzzimo: I'll be using this for sure

:: a Lego wall for your kid's bedroom: so, so fun. I loved Lego when I was a child, I think I'd love to have this now even though I'm supposed to be all grown up :)

:: this labyrinth: a labor of love by Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto, who uses salt to create monumental floor paintings. For his latest work at the Fondation Espace Ecureuil in Toulouse, France, he used 2,200 pounds of salt. It took him 50 hours to create. Make sure to look at the details. Amazing.

:: mondrian cake: So cute! Great cake in a Mondrian style created by Blue Bottle, which now has outlets in the Bay Area and Brooklyn. Photo from this New York Times piece

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