June 8, 2011

N12 bikini by Continuum Fashion


world's first ready-to-wear, completely 3D-printed piece of clothing

N12 bikini top by Continuum Fashion

N12 bikini bottom by Continuum Fashion

This is the world's first ready-to-wear, completely 3D-printed piece of clothing! The N12 bikini, designed by Jenna Fizel and Mary Huang of Continuum Fashion and made with Shapeways, is made up of 3D-printed circular plates that are interconnected by springs, making the bikini flexible yet able to keep its form well. The shape adjusts according to the curvature of the surface, so in theory it should be a more comfortable wear. There's no sewing involved: the four pieces of the top snap together. And yes, you can go swimming in it. The "fabric" is waterproof.

N12 is named after the material it's made out of: Nylon 12. The strength of this solid nylon, which is created by the SLS 3D printing process, allows it to bend without breaking when printed very thin.

Here's a video that explains the process:

N12.bikini - Intro Video from Continuum Fashion on Vimeo

Very cool right? Maybe this is the future of clothes, but I wouldn't give up fabric yet. At $250-300 for the top and $200 for the bottom, I may have to go naked! If you're rich, you can buy the N12 at the Continuum shop.

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