August 31, 2011

handmade notebooks, washi tape and paper crafting


Hello there,
if you read my review of the book Letterpress, you might remember my crazy love for stationery and paper stuff. These are a few things I've been making with my paper, washi tape and other craft stash.

A6-size notebooks

The notebooks on the left are a very good size for sticking in any bag, they are A6 size (about that of a postcard). I made a lot of those and gave them all away. The one above on the right is very small, I think less than 10cm (3-4 inches), I sent that to my blog friend Lynn. It has a lot of different types of paper inside, including some cute Japanese paper.

handmade journal with prompts

variety of paper inside prompt journal

I also made a couple of journals like this one, which was also sent to Lynn. I put a lot of different papers of about A5 size inside: craft and scrapbooking papers; free patterns printed from the Internet and Reprodepot Pattern Book (Flora); some sheets I designed with text or visual prompts for journaling; other papers I decorated with washi tape and homemade tapes and stickers. I also sewed some envelopes from patterned paper like the burgundy one with the leaf design at the top of the pile. Inside the envelopes, I enclosed small surprises and gifts like stickers, tags, postcards and more paper that can be used to embellish the journal.

I really enjoyed making these journals. I loved making up the prompts, which included some quotes I like and that I find inspirational. It was also fun playing with different ideas to come up with designs for my own prompt sheets. I left the papers mostly plain so their owners can fill the journals with their own thoughts and creative works. I don't text journal regularly anymore but I use a journal like this as my own mood board and visual diary, where I paste photos of things I like or stuff I find in my journey through life.

I've been pretty obsessed with washi tape since joining a card swap in June. I ended up buying a whole lot of Japanese and other masking tape, and even made some of my own!  I posted the masking tape cards I made for the swap earlier, here are a couple other things I've been making with washi tape.

washi tape-decorated gift bags
These are good for party favors as they're very small, the bag is only about 10cm (4 inches) tall.

cards made with washi tape
These are 4 different cards decorated with washi tape. I ran my sewing machine through the card on the bottom right ; I thought that flowery stitch went very well with the gold tape.

card decorated with washi tape
This card took me ages to make but I really love how it turned out. I scanned it (as I did my recent creations as I finally bought a scanner - yay!) and I'm going to make patterned paper from it. Maybe even fabric - if I can figure out how to print my own fabric!

 butterfly playground card made with washi tape

I like this card, too. I made it over the weekend with my new butterfly punch and an old tree punch I have from Daiso. The card puts me in a very lght and happy mood. I'm going to replicate it with different tapes and in slightly different styles and make a set of butterfly cards. Wouldn't that be cool?

And finally, here are the cards I received in the masking tape swap:

card with washi tape decoration from Cheryl

stamps on envelope

washi tape card from Lay Hoon

another card from Lay Hoon

stamps on envelope

washi tape card from Nicole

mixed-media card from Wendy

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