August 19, 2011

why Japanese don't loot and a fun link


Good reads

:: Want to know why there was hardly any looting in Japan after the terrible earthquake and tsunami that devastated the north-east in March? Read this article in Slate: Stop Thief! Thank You. Among the reasons might be official financial incentives given to people who return lost items, a practice that is inculcated into them from a young age. GOOD magazine, quoting police estimates, reported that Japanese citizens had turned in $78 million in cash and valuables found amid the rubble. Fascinating.

:: A different kinda link, a fun one. Check out the drunken handiwork of partygoers at GOOD magazine's launch party for its upcoming new issue. The theme of the issue is data, so GOOD got its guests to do draw some infographics based on templates it'd made. The gallery's at the post The Best Drunken, Hand-Drawn Infographics. You can vote for your favorite, too. Mine was down to Driving Across America by Cross-Country Drives and Drawing Circles by Dr Horrible. I voted Circles. (Driving in Circles - that could be me...)

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