May 3, 2011

bags, dresses, a copyrighted tattoo and oops, bandages


Dear blog readers,
Here are some wonderful things I came across on the Internet in the past week. Enjoy.

Envelope and mailbox quilt block
photo: Ayumi at Pink Penguin
(CC license BY-NC-ND 3.0)

I love Ayumi's work.
She does some of the most creative quilt piecings ever!

This is another incredible idea she's come up with, and executed  brilliantly as always.


n Alice in Wonderland-theme restaurant in Tokyo designed by Fantastic Design Works Co. The ultimate in kitsch! I do love that corner with the
tomes, I could certainly have fun with something like that in my flat.

Mademoiselle Bag from iragrant
photo: iragrant on etsy
There are some seriously cute bags at Etsy store iragrant.
I love the burlap and leather bags, but this one made of upholstery chenille cotton is my favorite. So stylish and versatile enough to use for both work and play.

I inherited some gorgeous upholstery fabrics last weekend thanks to a springcleaning (not by me! though I probably should do one very soon...). This would be a nice one to try. I made a smaller purse in a similar style for my mum when I first started sewing (by hand!). Upholstery fabric would probably hold the shape better.


orgeous Royal Wedding dress illustrated by Joana Faria. Joana has a very unique illustration style,  very pretty and girlish. You may have seen her cupcake recipe in my illustrated recipes post? There's lots of eye candy there!


utorial for DIY bows at I {heart} gift wrap from Carrie of The Roudy Stroudy. An easy way to dress up a gift using fabric scraps, ribbons, lace. I think paper would work too.

Anthropologie catalogue
May 2, 2011

Isn't this a cute dress? So stylish and fun for summery weather...or the beach, too. heheh, you can see where my mind is. No holidays for another couple months, though :(

I am a mega Anthropologie fan. Too bad I don't live in the States, or maybe that's a good thing. I might spend too much money shopping, then...


an you copyright a tattoo? A fascinating commentary from on the lawsuit filed by tattoo artist Victor Whitmill against Warner Brothers for infringing his copyright on a facial tattoo he created for Mike Tyson. Whitmill wants an injunction to stop the release of Hangover 2 because of a similar tattoo on a character in the movie.

I saw an tweet on this and of course I clicked on the link to read. You may have seen my post on copyright, plagiarism and blogging ethics recently, it's a bit of a love-hate topic for me right now. If you were wondering, all the photos and images in this post fall under the usable category in some form or other - creative commons share license, retail images (fair use). The alphabet images are from the Daily Drop Cap website. I wrote about Jessica Hische's drop cap project in a post in March.

(May 27, 2011 update on the tattoo case from

Urban Outfitters bandages

There, we all need relief sometimes, right? I thought these were quite funny - and so appropriate for too many occasions. What I couldn't figure out was why Pain is a B*tch was $7 for 25 bandages, but Keep Calm costs  $8 for 20. Hmmm. A frame of mind thing?
:: If you're buying Pain is a B*tch, you're obviously still griping so you'll need more recovery time, hence more bandages. The discount is a sort of consolation.
:: Keep Calm and Carry On: you've already moved past the pain and anger and you're working on getting back on track, so you're suffering less. Hence, fewer bandages. The website says it's "back in stock!" Happier people will spend more??
Pssss... Urban Outfitters is another of my favorite stores!!

Thanks for reading, please leave me a comment if you enjoyed this.
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by liberal sprinkles


Lynn said...

Looks like some fun sites. You are so good with all your research! I just posted about you on my blog.

liberal sprinkles said...

heheh Lynn,
actually there was no research there, just discoveries from my daily blog reading and websurfing!
Have a great day and have fun!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Grace,

You find the coolest stuff! I would love to go to the Alice in Wonderland restaurant. Oh, I want to see what Lynn wrote. I was featured today by Kim, if you want to check that out. I used your "en bloc" term, if that gets you interested.

Those bandaids are way cool. I want some.

Have a wonderful day!

Kathy M.

liberal sprinkles said...

Hi Kathy,
I did read your post, I haven't had a chance to click over to Kim's site yet! I like everything you said in your post, we certainly meet all kinds of people in blogland, just like in real life. I like how you compared the en bloc (glad you found it a good term to use!) drop to high school cliques. I guess some people don't grow up eh?

Bluezy ! said...

cute stuff.

I went to high school with the most talented quilter. Never were close. Our dads worked together and facebook hooked me up with my graduating class. This stuff she does is true art. Here is her link. I would of featured her stuff on my own blog, but my blog is a bit crass and counter culture and didn't want to offend by association. Personal blogs can go in that biggiee. Not counting hits, just having fun.

liberal sprinkles said...

thanks for the link! nice stuff.

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