May 10, 2011

a win, tweeting, Twitter finds and more discoveries


I had a good "discoveries" day today. First...

Sewn by Hand

... I found out that I'd won this book, Sewn by Hand by Susan Wasinger, at a giveaway at Whipup.
YAY!! Heheh, can't wait to get ahold of it!

:: { addicted to Twitter } I've been tweeting daily for nearly a week. I've actually had an account for a while, just never really got into it. But I've discovered so many great things from recent tweets that I'm now hooked (well, let's see how long this lasts). About half these finds were from tweets, some from people or blogs I already subscribe to, maybe I'll eventually have to choose my medium of following to not go stir crazy websurfing. If you like these things here and in my other discoveries posts, you can click here to follow my tweets.

{ oh baby, so lovely }

Cloud formations by Lorena Fernández-Fernández (flickr)
creative commons BY-ND 2.0 license
Embroidery hoops used as a mobile for a nursery, by Lorena Fernández-Fernández. Nice!! They do look like floaty clouds. Maybe tiny ones made of shimmery satin and sequins would look like stars? But I think we'd have to use things other than embroidery hoops LOL.

:: { house envy!! } winners of Apartment Therapy's Smallest, Coolest Homes contest 

:: { lust } Jessica Swift's Surtex portfolio books: Oh my, aren't they just gorgeous? I love Jessica's designs, always so fun and colorful!

:: { want want want } Grain Creative tea boxes: very cute packaging with unique "personality": ahhh, I want to add to my box collection!!

:: { font love } A-Z letter-shaped tables: Imagine all the crazy things you could do with The Fontable by Alessandro Canepa and Andrea Paulicelli! Spell your name, party in designer style, play word games. Endless fun! Nice write-up and photos @designmilk.

:: { lit love } 24 hours of fictional time using lines from literature: If you love books, you're gonna love this Guardian project to create 24 hours using lines from books. There are already sentences from a plethora of literary classics like Hamlet, Ulysses, 1984, Jane Eyre, Anna Karenina, Crime and Punishment, and many, many, many more. Which lines do you recognize?

You can contribute too. Add more time-referenced literary text at The Guardian's literary clock here. The Guardian got the idea from Christian Marclay's video art The Clock, a collage of movie clips referencing particular times of the day, representing a full 24-hour cycle. This is a BBC News video about The Clock, which has been on display in Britain.

BBC reporting on The Clock by Christian Marclay (YouTube)

:: This is such a cool music video for Reds by Houses (album All Night). It features "ice sculptures" made from clay molds. Very realistic! And filmed for just over $200 in a two-car garage.

Houses "Reds" (DIR. LAMAR+NIK) from LAMAR+NIK at Vimeo
see photos of Reds by Houses at Flickr
watch videos of the making of Reds by Houses

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