August 3, 2011 ( the. ) design


I like the idea of this notebook: the pages are not blank, they are pictures of New York City walls. You can add to the grafitti with your notes and drawings. Kind of like a journal or art journal.

Walls Notebook by Think of The | $16.95

The 160-page notebook is by Think of The ( the. ), which has designed some other really cool stuff. I remember the icky reaction I had to this when I first saw it...

anti-theft lunch bags by Think of The | $8 for 25 bags

It'd work, I'm sure. Who'd steal such gross-looking food?

This is pretty cute.

Neck Specs by Think of The | $50

That's a bow tie in the shape of a pair of glasses! Fun.

As is this. How would you like to get this in your mail?

Financial Padding by Think of The | $15 for 200 bills

Oh too bad, I haven't struck the lottery. These would make a real teaser of a gift in themselves, no? The crumpled paper banknotes are designed to be an alternative to foam peanuts for cushioning packages. All reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable of course.

Design Receipt Project by Think of The | ¥2,310 for 5 rolls

I think these strips are pretty darn cool. They are meant to be the back of receipts. If your purchases aren't sweet, the receipts sure are. The design was created for the Design Receipt Project with the objective of helping businesses create lasting impressions with their customers. Nice.

And remember these cast resin frames? I blogged about them in this iLike post. Love.

Framed Objects by Think of The | $65 each

Click on the captions to get to the product pages. More Think of The ( the. ) products here. You can read about designers Sherwood Forlee and Mihoko Ouchi here.

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