May 16, 2011

blogging and Monday discoveries


So I came back online yesterday to a few hundred posts in my Reader, nearly a hundred emails and I don't know how many tweets, I gave up after scrolling down to "6 hours ago". I'm so glad I wasn't around during the Big Blogger Bleeping Blooper Blackout. That's how I'm referring to it. I think the "bleeping" can be placed anywhere really, depending on the emphasis you want to place on it and how aggravating it was for you. I would have gone mad if I'd lost a post or my comments, not to mention wasted hours trying to figure out what the problem was.

I've had many frustrating moments with blogging technicals: the most serious was losing my Blogger follower function and all my followers two months ago; the latest is that my Disqus comments are not syncing with Blogger (apparently an issue caused by Blogger). Anyone else having that problem? I want to unDisqus myself but that means I'll lose all my blog comments from the past two weeks. Also, I've been thinking of moving over to Wordpress but I can't imagine reconfiguring my blog yet again, so I'm kind of stuck right now.

I think it would be a good time to take things easier so you may see a little less of me for a while. I need to curb this addiction I have to websurfing, tweeting and blogging about all the little and great things I find. I love discovering and sharing but it's taking up too much of my time. I've also been frustrated with my blogging hiccups and it was ever the more discouraging to find yet more blogscrapper farming my posts when I logged back on.

:: To my followers, I'll be around, just not the 6-7 times a week I've been averaging. You may have noticed I already wrote a post yesterday - it's hard not to scratch the itch! I also have loads of ideas picked up during my hiatus that I hope to get to at some point, so liberal sprinkles is still up and going (I would like to do a little less sitting though).

:: To the couple of new followers and subscribers that I managed to pick up while I was gone, welcome and please take the chance to look at my archive. It's a very eclectic blog with a bit of everything so you're likely to find something or maybe even things you'll enjoy I hope.

:: If you're a blogscraper, please leave me your IP address so I can block you.

{ Yeah, I try and laugh it off but it's really very disheartening }

:: If you're an RSS subscriber, please consider becoming a follower on Google Friend Connect instead, or an e-mail subscriber. I may be turning this into a private blog at some stage.

For now, I hope you like these.

* What Makes People Choose A Mate? God and Politics (Time)
* 2 Alex Profit videos:

Around the world in 2000 pictures from Alex Profit on Vimeo

produced after this video...

Le tour du monde en 80 secondes (world tour in 80 seconds) directed by Romain Pergeaux and Alex Profit (YouTube)
the making of, photos and interview with Alex Profit (in French) at 80"letourdumonde

I'm linking this to Blue Monday at Smiling Sally
Hope you enjoy the blue skies and other blues in the videos.

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