May 8, 2011

Have a colorful week!


Hello friends, here's some color to get you off to a bright and fun week :)

handmade rings by liberal sprinkles

I made all these rings! The first one I made among these was the red one on the left of the second peg. It has three white Swarovski crystals as accents, the ring was handwoven with red seed beads on wire.
I spent a lot of time twisting wires to make all the rings. The beads vary. There are semi-precious stones (the green one is turquoise), glass, Czech and other crystals, as well as freshwater pearls.

handmade rings by liberal sprinkles

I've handmade many other rings that have been given away as gifts; I've also sold a few. These are my personal collection. My current favorite is the bird's nest ring made of silver wire and freshwater pearls. It makes me feel pretty although I'm not normally a girly girl! I love it, I think it's good enough for special occasions. I also made a pendant with the same design - it's very versatile. Actually, sometimes I wear my rings hanging from a necklace for a different look. I very rarely wear jewelry or accessories, and when I do, it's more often than not rings.

What do you think? I'll occasionally be sharing my handmade jewelry and craft. If you're interested, you can already see some by searching "handmade" on my blog or clicking here.

Have a great week, everyone. If you're a mum, Happy Mother's Day!

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